Orange Clove Pomander Holiday Decoration

Orange Clove Pomander Holiday Decoration

This holiday season is a great time to try making an orange clove pomander. It a super easy and natural way to add a spicy air freshener to your holiday tabletop decorations. 

What is a pomander?

A pomander is a fruit, usually an orange, that is studded with dried cloves. The fragrance of the orange and the spicy cloves is a refreshing scent that is often associated with the Fall or Winter. 

It is super simple - dot an orange with cloves - and that's it! But it is a treat to smell it! It keeps for a couple of days. Just watch for signs of mold because that signals that it is time to toss it.

A pomander takes time to make depending on the way the cloves are laid out. It could take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. If it is meant to be a decoration for a holiday get-together, it is best to make it the night before. Or if guests or kids need something to do while visiting, putting one together will keep them busy!

What is needed to make an orange clove pomander?

At the most basic, oranges and dried cloves are all that is needed. But, of course, there are many variations to include pieces of ribbon, other citrus fruit, or even a pine garland. 

How do you make an orange clove pomander?

Choose an orange that is  firm and with a smooth peel.

To make it easier to add the cloves, prick the peel with a push pin or toothpick. This is super helpful as pushing the cloves into the orange can start to hurt your fingers.

The easiest way to decorate the pomander is by lining the orange with cloves. But flowers, diamonds, and wavy patterns are fun to make too.

Let us know what design you used for your pomander!