Super Easy Cinammon Candles

All you need for this project are cinnamon sticks, candles, a rubber band, and twine. It is literally the easiest decoration to put together but will really add a nice touch and smell to your home.

Materials needed to make cinnamon candles



cinnamon sticks

rubber band


How to make cinnamon candles

Step 1:

Choose a couple of cinnamon sticks and lay it on the palm of your hand.

Step 2:

Place the candle in the middle

Step 3:

Close your hand around the candle and push the cinammon sticks into place

Step 4:

Use a rubber band to keep the cinnamon sticks in place.

Step 5:

Wrap the twine and knot it. Make sure to cover up the rubber band.

Where will you place your cinammon candles?

And that's it! Your cinnamon candles can be placed on the fireplace mantle, bookshelf, or with your tabletop decoration. You will enjoy the lovely cinnamon smell every time you pass by it.

Personalize the cinnamon candles for Thanksgiving or Christmas

To dress up the cinnamon sticks you can use gold pipe cleaners. Just wrap it around the jute rope and make it look like a bow. 

Then you can get some decorative mesh and gather it around the candles. Orange is a great color for the Fall and it will work just as well for Thanksgiving. I had some gold painted leaves that I threw into the mix to add more texture.

For Christmas vibes, add red and green metallic pipe cleaners around the candles. Then swap out the mesh for a red one. A couple of minipine cones complete the decor.