What to do in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Jim Thorpe is a small town in Pennsylvania near the Pocono Mountains. The historic Jim Thorpe downtown area is where all the action is and it is a nice and easy road trip from New York City that you can enjoy in one day or over a weekend. 

What to do in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway

The quintessential Jim Thorpe experience is to ride the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway and its vintage train cars from 1917. The ride follows the Lehigh River, through Glen Onoko, and into the Lehigh River Gorge. The round-trip train ride starts downtown at Jim Thorpe Station, goes over bridges, and into the Lehigh Gorge State Park where there is plenty of nature to see and take pictures of.

It is beautiful to ride during the Fall for the mountainside awash in red, orange, and yellow leaves. While during Christmastime, Santa Claus will be on board. It is hard to miss the train coming into the train station as it bounds into the station with steam billowing and a horn blast that can be heard miles around.

Mountain biking and hiking

For those that want some outdoor adventure and like mountain biking, they can take their bike on the train to White Haven and bike back along the Lehigh Gorge Trail to Jim Thorpe. There is also the Switchback Trail that starts at the Mauch Chunk Lake Park which is a nice flat trail that anyone can enjoy. If you have the time, the trail leads back to downtown Jim Thorpe so it is a great walk to do.

Stroll down West Broadway

West Broadway is the main drag in town and much of the museums, shops, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants can be found there. 

For great burgers, there is Molly Maguires Pub named after the secret society of Irish immigrants who worked in the coal mines in the 1800s. For some magically good coffee, Harry Potter fans can head to Muggles Mug and enjoy themed drinks and baked goods while watching Harry Potter movies.

Watching over West Broadway is the Asa Packer Mansion Museum, a Victorian museum, and the Harry Packer Mansion Inn which hosts murder-mystery weekends.

The town was originally called Mauch Chunk so many of its cultural sites still bear the name - Mauch Chunk Opera House, Mauch Chunk Museum, among others. The town was renamed to Jim Thorpe in honor of the Native American athlete. The Jim Thorpe memorial is across the Lehigh River in Memorial Park.

Visit during Halloween

The town dresses up for Halloween and many of the establishments have fun decorations set up. It is also a good time to join a ghost tour and see the spooky side of the town.

What to do in Jim Thorpe, PA?

All in all a trip to Jim Thorpe is a nice little vacay from the City that is easygoing and full of fun activities.

Have you been to Jim Thorpe? What did you do there? Please comment below!